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Match clothes & sell outfits with help of an AI stylist.

Meet the tool that match complementary clothes in stylish outfits. With the help of stylists and designers, we have created an Artificial Intelligence working as personal stylist.

GetDressed AI stylist

It is a tool for e-commerce, offering a transformation of products' merchandising for the fashion industry.

About the product:

A fast learning algorithm
Each click improves efficiency
Offers outfits to consumers
Easy integration into e-commerce
Control over results and analysis
Creates an image of consumer style

GetDressed smart search

With AI stylist you can help your consumers find products they are looking for while reducing the number of dropped baskets.

How does it work?

smaple image
Our algorithms find similar products in your product feed.
smaple image
Products are searched based on colors, shapes and patterns.
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This section complements your consumer path with similar products.

GetDressed? Several elements, one whole.


New omnichannel will increase sales

The personalization offered by our AI stylist will help your consumers to buy stylish outfits of clothes or many similar products they currently need and are looking for.


AI that influence consumer loyalty

By recommending outfits to the consumer and adapting to their chosen styles, our plug-in will have a positive impact on the Customer Experience and encourage further shopping.


Shortens the e-commerce Customer's Journey

Additional sections thought out in the context of the Customer Journey will improve the navigation on the product pages. Make finding the item consumers are looking for easier.


Full control with the Analytical Panel

From the trial period to continuous cooperation, your company can have full control over GetDressed's impact on their sales.

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